When it comes to dealing with tight foreskin, circumcision is not always necessary as a phimosis treatment. There are other non surgical ways to deal with tight foreskin. Some phimosis treatment options include topical creams and stretching exercises. In fact, stretching exercises with cremes could be one of the most effective ways to deal with your tight foreskin.

Circumcision can be costly, extremely painful and recovery can take time. It is considered to be a sure way to resolve this condition. Some men will have less sensation as there will be no gliding motion. This can change your sexual performance and endurance. It is believed that men who are not circumcised have the ability to last longer during intercourse. However, there is no study to prove this theory.

However, if you have decided to go with surgery, you should understand that there are three options you can choose from. The first is obviously circumcision where you lose some or all of prepuce. The second option is called a dorsal slit where the doctor makes a single incision along the upper length of the foreskin from the tip to the corona. The glans are exposed without removing any tissue. The last one is called preputioplasty. This is where there is a dorsal slit with transverse closure is made on the band of the skin. The result is limited pain and a short healing period. These are all effective surgical phimosis treatment options that you can consider if you have decided to go through surgery.

If you have decided to take an alternative phimosis treatment, you may want to consider steroid topical creams and stretching techniques. In order to have success with these methods, you will have to be consistent. Some use only a cream or stretching technique. There are others who use both as their case is a little more severe.

The thing about stretching is that you have to be careful not to cause pull back too soon and cause para phimosis. This is where your skin is pulled back and you are not able to get it back over. It usually results in sharp pain, swelling of the head with dark lines. The experience is rather painful and you should be careful not to pull back too soon.

If you use cremes, make sure you are using them consistently. You need to set aside time every day to do it. Once you have reached desired result, you can stop using cremes or stretching techniques.

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