All around the world, more and more people are being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This has been specially found quite commonly among employees and workers. The syndrome has a major impact on the overall productivity of the individual. The major discerning characteristic of this CFS is the presence of a fatigue which is close to debilitating. The symptoms are variable and most of the times the condition goes undetected and continues to negatively affect the daily routine of the individual.

The major core symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are often quite similar to those of exhaustion. Severe fatigue accompanied by headaches and joint pains are very commonly seen. Apart from these, a low grade fever and lack of freshness even after sleep are also signs of CFS. The reasons for its onset have not been clinically isolated, but the common opinion is that extreme anxiety or stress may be one of its causes. Poor eating habits are often triggers to this kind of a syndrome. The degree of the symptoms tends to be variable for different people. Most wellness programs aim at the elimination of this stress and eating habits. Workers often tend to be more affected due to the nature of their work and the involved stress.

The CFS as such has no cure, though the symptoms can be individually targeted with the use of medications. A change in the eating style accompanied by use of alternative therapies and exercise is very helpful in the reduction of these symptoms. Acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and nutritional supplements are very useful in removing its debilitating effect.Superfood varieties are often used in its treatment in the form of supplements. These are marked by high phytonutrient content and have numerous health benefits for the body and its functioning. Spirulina is one such superfood. It is a form of blue green algae and is a single celled species. These algae are well over three billion years old and have been referred to as the most perfect food produced by nature.

A superfood formula with spirulina includes a large amount of proteins, essential fatty acids, polysaccharides, gamma linolenic acid, B complex vitamins and amino acids. This rich source of nutrients can help the overall metabolism of the body and prevent many diet related ailments. It helps in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome by giving the body energy though fatty acids and the polysaccharides. It is known to aid the release of essential nutrients from the foods consumed and the production of B6 which promotes the production of bodily energy. The advantages of this superfood are not limited to CFS. It is by nature anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying. It is also said to cause regression of cancer, reduction in cholesterol and improve the overall digestive system.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can cripple the daily life of any individual. In workers, it can cause a plummet in the overall performance and efficiency. Spirulina can help in dealing with its symptoms. The prevention of CFS is important and the needed elimination of stress and inculcation of better eating patterns can be achieved through wellness programs.

Source by Billy Merritt


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