Android phones have taken the mobile phone market by storm. However, a lot of them may prove to be too expensive for other people. This is why not many people opt to get these phones. Thankfully, HTC has come up with an Android mobile phone that is low cost, but offers you the luxury of everything android. Their answer to this problem is the release of the new HTC Wildfire.

With phones running on Android mobile operating systems, you definitely gain an advantage over other mobile devices. You get to enjoy more from the internet, your internet speed will be much faster, compatibility will never be an issue, and you get to enjoy more from mobile apps. With these advantages, you get to customize these phones according to your interests and preferences. However, like all advancements in technology, they can prove to be expensive at first. This is no longer the case.

The reputable phone manufacturer, HTC has now come up with an affordable mobile phone that runs on an Android platform. This is the Wildfire. The touch screen Android smartphone will make you enjoy everything that can be run on the platform.

Compared to other low cost smartphones, the HTC Wildfire will make you enjoy more than you would expect from the competition. One of these features is power. The phone can easily switch from task to task, and will never freeze on you when running anything from mobile apps to multimedia features.

When apps are concerned, you will enjoy an assortment of mobile applications downloaded for free from the Android Market. From health to self enrichment, from finance to news, and from entertainment to mobile games, you will enjoy them all. All of these apps are just a few taps away.

Do not think that the HTC Wildfire is only built around fun and games. The phone can be used for office use as well. With Microsoft Exchange support, you are sure to get your work emails as soon as they are sent. Furthermore, you can access your company’s directory even if these contacts are not stored in the phone’s memory.

As you can see, there is so much more to enjoy with this touch screen smartphone. It has a lot of features, which the competition will not even come close to offering. It truly redefines the meaning of low cost. With the HTC Wildfire, you get HTC’s answer to low cost Android phones.

Source by Sethe Gomez


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