High cholesterol affects both obese and thin people alike for certain reasons. To understand why thin people have high cholesterol here are 5 reasons which will provide you some information:

1. They do not exercise enough.

One of the reasons why thin individuals have high cholesterol is that they lack exercise or they do not even exercise at all. As a result of the lack of exercise, there is an increase of saturated fatty acids in their body’s system, leading to an increase in the cholesterol level.

2. They have poor eating habits.

Even thin people can have high cholesterol because they have poor diet. Even though they look thin, they are fat in the inside. Cholesterol levels increase in their blood due to some foods which contain saturated fatty acids. These foods are considered to be rich in bad cholesterol like margarine, pork, liver, egg yolk and shrimp, especially when they are cooked the wrong way. Thin people do not actually care of what kind of foods they consume. They eat less and do not gain weight but are eating foods that contain bad cholesterol.

3. Most thin people have a sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is risk factor for many diseases to develop.Thin people tend to remain inactive due to their sedentary lifestyle. Such lifestyle also exists among obese individuals. Little or no physical activity is what most thin individuals do in an ordinary day. Sitting, watching TV, and sleeping are the only activities they usually do most of the time. As a consequence, saturated fatty acids build up, and the levels of bad cholesterol increase in their system.

4. Most thin people drink alcohol in excessive amounts.

Rather than eat well for good health, most thin people spend time drinking more alcohol to fill their stomach. As an effect, excessive alcohol increases the cholesterol levels in the body. On the contrary, moderate drinking of alcohol can actually increase the high-density lipoproteins (HDL), or the good cholesterol. However, too much alcohol cannot be fully metabolized by the liver leading to an increase in the low-density lipoproteins (LDL), or the bad cholesterol.

5. Most thin people experience chronic stress.

Individuals who are thin are known to exhibit chronic stress which is a factor why they have high cholesterol. Research studies show that increased levels of cholesterol result in the body’s biological response to stress that involves the accumulation of energy sources like fatty acids and glucose, making them gain weight. Stress is also a key risk factor in the development of major diseases.

Just because some people look thin does not mean that they are healthy inside and out. The body can be deceiving, too; the intricate processes of the human body are oftentimes too complex to understand and too elaborate for the human mind to comprehend. No matter what type of body weight you have, it is extremely important to stay fit by adhering to a healthy diet and maintaining a regular exercise regimen. Giving yourself adequate rest and thinking positively are also great ways to keep healthy.

Source by Danny Mitchell Ashton


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