What causes hemorrhoids? The question had haunted many of the hemorrhoids sufferers for the time being. At the very least, I will lay down the 3 most common contributing factors of hemorrhoids which I hope that it will clear off that disturbing question out of your head. Remember, there are always the causes behind every health problem and if you can prevent the causes then you will be able to prevent the health problem from messing with your life.

Constipation and Why it Happened?

The most important causes of hemorrhoids are constipation. Everyone knows about it but how does constipation actually contribute to the hemorrhoids? By having the prolonged constipation, you will be more likely to strain when you are defecated and by doing that the pressure within your abdomen will increase as well. That means that you will frequently put enough pressure to your rectal vein as well to the point that it will enlarge and finally burst out and that is what you called hemorrhoids.

There are lots of factors contributed to the constipation such as lacking the necessary fiber intake in your daily meal. The fiber is like the oily grease to the machine. When there are not enough of them, the machine will have a problem to move. The same aspect goes to the lacking of daily water intake. Depending on your routine activity, you might want to drink enough water or more to replace your water loss.

Sedentary Lifestyle and the Consequences

Nowadays as the more technologies are developed, more people are having sedentary lifestyle which means they lack of physical activities. Most of them just enjoy sitting at home doing nothing but watching television or computer for the rest of the day with just a little or absolutely no physical exercise at all. By sitting for too long, you will exert the pressure to the rectum and anal area and it will cause the rectal vein to swell and again it becomes hemorrhoids.

Sedentary lifestyle also leads to the obesity problem and everyone knows how obesity can lead to the other health problems. One of them is hemorrhoids. Being overweight adds pressure on the veins, causing them to become swollen and transform into hemorrhoids. Do you see how sedentary lifestyle affects your health? There is a study reported in the South China Morning Post, and carried out by the University of Hong Kong and the Department of Health saying that sedentary lifestyle causes more deaths than smoking.

Poor Bathroom Habit Which You Should not Followed

Now, I will discuss about the poor bathroom habit as it is one type of the lifestyle as well and it can also answer the “What causes hemorrhoids?” question. Do you have a really bad habit for sitting too long reading the newspaper every morning in the toilet? Well, you should not. There is study shown that it can lead to swollen rectal veins. Moreover, why do not you just read the newspaper while having a cup of coffee at your front yard?

Source by Simon Carlson


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