Crizal lenses are widely popular and are suggested by eyecare professionals worldwide for people of all ages. The superior quality, features and durability make these are a trustworthy choice.

It was trusted by more than 260 million people worldwide as their choice of vision correctors. Spectacles made with these lenses ensure their wearers optimal vision as well as added benefits like, Scratch resistance, smudge resistance, Dust and Water repellant, and anti reflection. Today we let you know how Crizal lenses fight the five enemies of clear vision.


Reflections are common occurrences in daily life, and if you’re a spectacle wearer you would have experienced it many times. Every day there are so many situations where reflections can ruin your vision, strain the eyes and cause eye fatigue and stress. Also reflections on your own spectacles create a barrier between your eyes and the person standing in front, hindering eye-contact. Anti-reflection coating on these lenses ensure the reflections are cut out from your vision and the glasses become near about invisible.

Smudge Resistance:

Smudges can appear any day, while doing daily duties or accidentally. Oil smudges especially are really hard to get rid or as well as fingerprint marks. Normal glasses need to be rubbed and cleaned using special cleaners to remove smudges but not on Crizal ones. With special Smudge resistant features, these can be wiped clean gently without putting too much pressure on the surface or unknowingly scratching or ruining the coatings.

Dust Repellant:

Dust and Dirt accumulate on the surface and it compromises the visual quality of your glasses. Most spectacles need to be wiped with special cleaners to remove these dust particles. When normal glasses are wiped with cloth, static charge accumulates on the surface and attracts dust particles, but with I-technology in Crizal lenses, wiping does not affect dust accumulation. Actually since no negative charge is formed, dust is repelled and they stay cleaner for longer.

Scratch Resistance:

Everyday handling will eventually wear out any vision corrector like glasses but if you wear Crizal’s world class products you are better off at extending the life of your vision aid. These lenses are made with a special SR Booster technology that provides a hard coating that ensures scratches occur less and your glasses stay intact longer. The hard coat also ensures that the other layers and treatments are not disturbed and damaged easily.

Water Repellant:

Water droplets adhering on the eyeglasses surface and blurring the vision was quite normal before the advanced technology of hydrophobic treatments. The Slide FX technology from Crizal has hydrophobic molecules on the surface that resist water droplets to adhere and helps them to slide off easily, ensuring your vision is intact in watery conditions. Also after the water dries, it does not leave any spots on the lens surface ensuring your vision is not distorted.

Source by Jayita Chanda


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