A good number of computer related problems are usually software in nature. This is because a great deal of the computer’s lifespan deals with the accessing of information in and out. In the process of all of this, some of the information gets corrupted and makes accessibility of files difficult.

Most software related problems under normal circumstances start with the registry. The registry is a small program that holds all the information about programs in your computer. When you install a program into your computer, a little script is written in the registry containing details of how the program installed, what corresponding files are needed to make them work, and bits of information on how it needs to react with your operating system.

Upon installation there are a number of things that can happen that causes the writing of more than one registry entry. If there are problems with hardware devices, changes in software and operating environment, or manual cancellation from a user, entries to the registry get placed in there and take up space and resources. We do not really notice this at first until we experience lagging because of resources being used up for different reasons other than the programs you are running.

This is when you need the help of a registry cleaner like RegistryFix. Most PC problems are actually easily repairable if you just know how to go about the process. You do not need to pay lots of money to get a computer technician to solve your problem at all. Even if you do not know much or are not technically knowledgeable about computers, this software can solve these problems for you.

RegistryFix will handle all registry related issues in your computer. It comes with a scanner to search your entire registry for invalid and missing keys, erroneous entries, infiltration from spyware entries, and such. The software will then notify you of the errors, their causes, and then suggest courses of action to take against these problems. Other problems may also be related to DLL strings, ActiveX components, Windows explorer errors, EXE problems, Internet Explorer errors, and runtime errors done while executing some programs.

How does it compare with freeware and its competitors?

If you cannot afford to purchase this paid software, then perhaps freeware would be your next option. However, you need to be aware that almost all freeware are not sophisticated enough to get rid of those problematic entries in your computer. There just isn’t such a thing as free lunch.

While there are also many competitors like Error Nuker, Error Doctor and others, Registry Fix is able to stay ahead of them because of their easy to use interface and powerful cleaning functionalities.

So, if you continue to experience problems that slow your computer down or you just want to prevent them from happening, install RegistryFix in your computer and put an end to your worries.

Source by Mike Darwin


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