How do you build an MLM business very fast? Well, I want to provide you with this pricesless information that will help you be very successful, not only in your current business, but in any business you pursue in the future. I want to first share with you the biggest mistakes that most people make in building an MLM business, and the factors you must overcome before you are successful. The main mistake that most people make in building a MLM business is the marketing methods they use to build it with. This is the most deciding factor that will make or break most people’s business.

When I first got started in MLM, the methods I used to build it were completely different than the ones I use today. The methods that I was taught then, are not the methods I use now. I was taught to make a list of names of family and friends, and after that to go down that list calling those people to set up an appointment, to show them how my business worked. This method caused a lot of problems. Most of the time I would have people cancel the appointment before I met with them or they would stand me up. Even people I knew very well! When I did show the business plan probably 90% of the time they were not interested, so I would have to face rejection.

Some people can face rejection and most people can’t. So that was another problem. Another big problem was that I couldn’t target my market very well. Using this method, I was showing the plan to people that was not interested. The methods I use now, I can target people that are more likely to be interested in what I am doing. One more problem with this method is that it was very hard to duplicate. To be successful in any MLM business everything needs to be easy to duplicate, if it is not then a lot people will struggle or quit.

To be honest, there are not many people out there that want to make a names list and go down that list calling people. They are afraid of what people will think. Not only that, but when you run out of a list of names, they taught me to go to public gatherings to talk to complete strangers about my business. That is definitely not a methed that is easily duplicated. People hate doing this. I am telling you all of these things because I had to deal with them and I know several ways that are not only easier but are much more efficient.

In a nutshell, this is how I built my business. I have created a website that promotes my business. It shows the business plan, how my business works, brands me as a leader, reveals some information about myself, shows my contact information, captures prospects contact information, trains them and has a place for them to sign up in my business all while I am at home. Just learn how to drive a lot of traffic to your site and you’re in business. I can also show the business plan more times in a week than I could before show it in a month. If you get just a few people doing the same, you will build your business very very fast.

Source by Sean Galloway


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