Cricket world cup is one of the most keenly awaited tournaments in the field of cricket. The Ashes and India-Pakistan series are no doubt very much awaited by fans, but at the end of the day World Cup Cricket is about the participation of all the test playing nations of the world and this is a much bigger platform indeed for teams and players to prove their talent and potential. Cricket world cup take place once every four years and this is another reason that makes the event all the more interesting and fascinating among fans. The next edition of the world cup will be held in the year 2007, in the West Indies.

The Cricket World Cup 2007 promises to be interesting to fans for many reasons. First for many leading international players, this may well be their last world cup appearance. So veterans like Glen Mc Grath, Mathew Hayden of Australia, Anil Kumble and VVS Laxman of India (if they make it to the world cup team) will give it their best shot, so that they can leave the field on a high. Right now there are no single contenders to the title, but on merit and paper as well Australia appears to be the most solid team to win the tournament. Well many things can be talked about and predicted, but we will all have to wait for world cup 2007, to actually see how teams will fare on the field.

The last cricket world cup held in the year 2003, in South Africa was won by Australia after they beat India comprehensively in the finals. Overcoming a poor start in the 2003 cricket world cup, India went on a spree of remaining unbeaten for several matches before being eventually beaten in the finals by Australia. Australia on the other hand had a great beginning to the last cricket world cup and had an equally wonderful end to the tournament. As someone has rightly said, it does not get bigger then the cricket world cup for a player to showcase his talent and potential.

All major teams of the world have begun preparing for the cricket world cup and most of them are doing it in their own unique style. Most teams are taking part in one tournament or the other to keep their team members in touch with the game. Some players are fighting against time to become fit and take part in the cricket world cup. This is the biggest event in the life of any cricketer and excelling during this tournament is what they always aim for. Of course first of all they must find a place in the world cup squad. Getting a place in the squad of cricket world cup is not so easy. All players must prove that they are really worthy to be a part of the team and only then will they be selected.

It does not matter if a player has performed brilliantly in the past, but is right now woefully out of from. Past performance is not the thing that will take a team to victory, so selectors have to take special care of this. All selection of the team for the cricket world cup squad must be done strictly on the basis of merit.

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