The Westwood College campus in Los Angeles, California is located in the center of the Mid Wilshire District ever since 1999. This college has been serving over 700,000 residents and is close to the home of the LA Lakers. It is conveniently located nearby downtown LA. The worldly famous Los Angeles offers brilliant activities for college students such as shopping, dining, night life, and of course, California weather. Los Angeles is certainly one of the landmarks of the US with everything it has to offer. Who doesn’t love mid 70 degree temperatures all day long? I personally would love to have a perfect climate every single day I’m going to school.

Since this campus is in LA, there are undoubtedly many places to eat, shop, do activities and watch movies nearby school. Instead of driving out on the highway to do something with your friends after class, you would have many activities waiting to be attended to right near your campus location. Unlike many schools that can feel very “in the middle of nowhere”, you will be in the center of where all the fun and happenings are.

Los Angeles’ Westwood campus offers many programs, such as:

• Animation

• Game Art

• Business Administration

• Information Technology

• Health Care Management

• Network Management

• Criminal Justice

• Graphic design

• Interior design

• Computer forensics

• Financial management

• Construction management

• Paralegal

Westwood College LA campus offers some of the most in-demand programs you can find today. Whether you are looking for a degree in business, art and design, criminal justice, or technology, Westwood College in Los Angeles has a program that may spark your interest.

Public transportation is also available for this campus. there is a subway stop nearby for students to ride, making the travel time from Wilshire/Vermont to school only about 15 minutes. The campus also can be accessed with the bus lines 20, 21 and 206.

There are also many campus events throughout the school year that makes student life much more exciting. Events such as job fairs, community service, charities, costume days, Thanksgiving feasts, BBQs, and many more are all hosted here in LA for Westwood. Events are fun and can bring many students closer together, breaking the ice with food and entertainment. Student clubs are also available for students to socialize and make more friends they would not have normally met without them.

Without a doubt, Westwood College located in LA, CA is one of the most exciting campus schools to attend to/visit. You may request more information from Westwood College now!

Source by Chelsae Su


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