A few decades back, where I come from, the words man, manhood and husband were an institution. Anything that implied to the human male was treated with a lot of respect and even awe. The things seem to have turned around and for worse. Far much gone are the days when a husband was the head of the house no matter what happened. Today you earn your status from your sweat, more than from what it was supposed to be. Although one cannot complain it is saddening the speed at which these things are changing.

I live in this fast paced capital city and in my age, it hardly skips my eye what is happening both in the real world and in the ideal world. There is this famous radio talk show that is usually aired at the time when almost everyone is stuck in traffic on their way to work. More often than not, there will be a discussion about relationships or marriage. These hosts know what sells – sex and all around it. I have been following this show for quite sometime now and have noted the general trend as far as relationships are concerned. Most of the discussion inclines to the men trying hard to prove their manhood to adamant ladies. Since when did men have to justify their capabilities to women (or ladies as they like it)? Along the same line, there has been this discussion about many husbands giving up their roles in the house to cheap liquor. In fact the situation got so murky until a popular alcohol law had to be formulated to check on hours of drinking as well as contents to be drunk!

This is not just all. The truth is that as women work hard to justify their believe that ‘what a man can do a woman can do better’, the men are on the other side retaliating with ‘what a woman can do a man won’t bother to do’! It is now common knowledge that as more and more men are forming beer parties, more and more women are forming self-help groups, commonly referred to as chamas. In fact at the close of business each day, as more men hang out with the boys to catch a Premier League game, more women are going back to class to advance their careers. It is no wonder more women are rising up the executive ladder. The more husbands abscond their marital roles in the family, the more their spouses are gaining strength and audacity to fill in the gap. It is becoming more and more common for men to be dated, taken out and even harbored by ‘monied mamas’. The balance of dependence is slowly tipping the man side.

It does not take long for water to cut its way through rock, if only it does not choose an easier way out. A time will come when history will be told, about the way kings used to rule over great empires, with the queen only playing supportive role. The truth will be told of the way the real man self-destructed his way to extinction.

Source by Kynyn Kamau


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